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Crash Forensics has provided forensic services to legal and insurance professionals for over 35 years. We have provided consulting and expert testimony for both plaintiff and defendants in over 2,500 cases in 48 states. We have provided expert testimony in Federal, State, local, and tribal courts. Our offices and automotive lab are located in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.
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Crash Forensics performs scientific analysis of vehicular crashes. We operate a fully-equipped heavy truck that serves as our on-site lab. In most cases, this allows us to respond immediately and, if possible, to begin documenting evidence while the vehicles are still "on scene". Our mobile lab allows us to perform complete vehicle inspection, testing, failure analysis, and damage mapping on-site at police impoundments, wrecker yards, salvage yards, salvage pools, etc. We also operate a fully-equipped in-house automotive lab that allows us to provide inspection and failure analysis services not only for passenger vehicles but also most automotive parts. Contact us
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